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Recovery after workout: 10 effective ways | Beauty insider

1. Sleep

You need to sleep 8 hours a day, everyone knows that. But it is especially important to sleep for a sufficient amount of time if you actively train. Lack of sleep = lack of recovery = overload = overtraining = injury, here is the story of my life.

For me, it once became a discovery that for professional athletes a good adequate sleep is in fact their work duty. After all, the body is their instrument!

NB: with an open window leaf!

2. Massage

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Massage is not a spa luxury, but a means to combat clogged muscles. Because hammered unstretched muscles = trauma. The main thing is to choose a sports massage, rather than gentle “stroking” with the drostanolone enanthate skin moisturizing with something fragrant. The latter is pleasant, but it will give little sense

How often do you need a massage? Pros at the training camp go three times a week (although not all the pros find it right – for example, Pro Trener coach Elena Orlova believes that you shouldn’t implant the body on such a recovery method that is “dependent” on someone). For lovers, it feels good when you feel that muscles are crammed and stretching with a longitudinal string does not help. Once a month – all does not hurt.

Massage can be done at home with the help of hand-held devices, but the hands of an experienced sportsman will not replace the devices.

3. Compression

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Compression is a special tight, slightly squeezing clothing we need parts of the body, which due to this pressure allows the muscles to recover faster and more slowly sour.

In compression, you can run and pump iron, and you can recover from it after workouts – for example, just walk around the house or sleep (I’ve been dreaming about compression tights for the night!). Both are good, but you need to carefully choose your size – in trademarks like CEP, 2XU and my favorite Skins, it is important to carefully measure yourself before choosing.

My experience with shorts and Skins top was only positive!

4. Bath

A bath or a sauna – or, in contrast to them, cryotherapy -)) – is metered stress for the body. While he is actively fighting him, he is producing more of the substances we need to restore. Pros on the same fees, too, are not lazy to visit the bath or sauna once a week. And no one bothers us -)

I note that this option does not suit me personally – after the bath I am worse than before, and I do not feel any rejuvenating and restoring action after it. Perhaps it’s time to try an ice bath in the next marathon preparation? :)))

5. Bikram Yoga

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Bikram yoga takes place in rooms heated to 40 degrees, sweat flows from all the creek, then the mat can usually be squeezed out. This is a recovery option just for amateur teapots, since this is both yoga (which is also an option for recovery-training due to stretching) + sauna. That is – saving time, which an ordinary person with work and family usually do not have. “I go to Bikram every time I have a pain somewhere,” said ultra-marathon runner Alisher Yakupov at the summit, who read one of the lectures there.

Well, if you feel bad in a hot atmosphere, such as me (or you have a sore heart and other contraindications) – just make a stretch a must-have item for the training program during the week (after training and as a separate independent). Undried muscles = injuries and no normal recovery.

6. Rollers for rolling

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With this wonderful thing, Yana introduced us to our coach at the very first training sessions. Their meaning is that they provide a myofascial release (I learned a clever word! I learned a clever word! :)). How to do it: put the part of the body that interests you (for example, the legs scored after running) on ​​the roll. The legs should rest on it with all its weight. And ride. If you find a place where it hurts especially (and it will hurt EVERYWHERE) – linger on it (yes, to get rid of the pain after training, you need even more pain!). Put 20 seconds on this place. Roll on. Change the pose-) You can roll the whole body this way – and this is a cool relaxation.

You can get this video in trendy places like BlackRoll or Trigger Point, or you can buy an ordinary roll for Pilates (Yana and I did). They differ only by the degree of rigidity. The more advanced – the tougher – the more painful (this is – there is no place worse -)).

7. Proper nutrition

bath sauna

Tedious, but necessary – without a good diet there will be no recovery (hello, Dima, yes, I will remember your covenants all my life -)). A balanced KBLV diet 4-5 times a day (with snacks to prevent the body from starving) really helps your muscles not to turn sour, and you – to be in good shape. “Without power there is no recovery,” Alexey Panferov, the first Russian who successfully covered the distance of the Ultraman race and was one of the founders of the triathlon movement in Russia, simply and briefly identified it.

I’m writing here: no matter how much the scientific world argues about the myth about "2 liters of water per day," but if you actively train, you should also actively drink water. It will not only remove all of the processed material from the body, which will lead to faster recovery. She is still very much needed by that thin film in which our muscles are “packed.” “Fascia needs water!” – as he started, Dima Stepin repeated during trainings when he taught me how to live properly. “Eat lots of protein — drink, drink and drink. And not to forget to drink, just buy yourself the most beautiful water bottle, ”advised Alisher Yakupov.

And here it is: vitamins and minerals. If you are actively exercising, then your diet should contain sports vitamins + a complex of glucosamine and chondroitin with MSM for the joints (science’s opinions differ, but in practice I don’t know athletes who would neglect glucosamine).

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My sport set

I only sportvitamins save me from convulsions (due to magnesium and potassium in the composition – by the way, they can be drunk separately).

8. Kinesiotiping

These are such fashionable multi-colored long patches that sly adhere directly to the skin nandrolone phenylpropionate on the desired parts of the body (I now have this from Rock Tape glued to the lower back and the top of the priests of a sore leg). Some glue it for extra support before the races.

Why do you need it? The tape provides constant support for muscles and tendons, reduces pain and inflammation, relaxes over-stressed and tired muscles, improves blood and lymph circulation. At the same time you can live in it (up to 5 days) and train as usual.

True, it is unlikely that it will be possible to put a teip on yourself correctly – you need a doctor, a specialist in kinesio taping.

Frankly speaking, those athletes who have already hurt something are reaching the tapes. But there are a lot of such people among us, amateurs -) And for the pros, this is just another good method (and they say football teams only glue tapes of the right team color, and they don’t work for someone else -)))).

9. Myostimulation

Myostimulation is a device with electrodes, the latter are applied to the right muscles (in the instructions there are hundreds of options) and then you choose the mode and intensity. Through the electrodes, the muscles receive a signal, they are reduced. Modes are both the recovery we really need, and much more active ones.

Another tool from the arsenal of professional athletes. “The effect of myostimulation has long been proven,” said Edward Bezuglov at a lecture. – But, unfortunately, “shops on the couch” badly spoil the reputation of technology in the eyes of the average person. However, all high-level athletes do not neglect this method. ” As an example, he cited our athlete in the high jump, Anna Chicherova, who was injured shortly before the London Olympics. In that very period when she had to keep her muscles in good shape, she would sit idle and lose shape. Saved the device for myostimulation, which essentially "simulated" the jump work on this leg for one and a half weeks. Chicherova won gold -)

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Unfortunately, this is the most expensive option for an amateur – the simplest Compex costs about 40,000 rubles. “As an option, to form and buy companies of athletes, and then use them together,” argued Bezuglov. Immediately I got crazy ultramarathoners boldenone undecylenate 300 in my head -))

10. BodyRec

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BodyRec is a complex for massage and self-massage after workouts, which due to its diverse composition helps muscles recover many times faster. Here we must immediately say that BodyRec and were the main organizer of the summit to restore. But I want to say that I have not yet met such unanimity among all athletes I know (including ultramarathoners) that this is an incredibly good thing.

There are no good pictures of the complex itself, so for now – only their shower gel -))

My set of oils for a beginner body ensemble has been at home for a couple of weeks already, since I was too carried away by my fitness vacation and spend my free time in bliss on the couch -). But the bliss is already ending, so I will soon share my impressions.

And now life hacking from Alisher: recovery methods can be combined with each other. For example:

BodyRec massage + sleep after – better than all the same separately -);

put on BodyRec + put on compression + sleep too.

Well, and a separate advice from Edward Bezuglova: do not forget to take tests if you run marathons. Only one marathon can greatly lower the level of ferritin in the blood, which then will have to return to normal for a long time (I passed recently, I have ferritin and without a marathon it is close to zero).

And, perhaps most importantly, from Alexey Panferova:

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