Pompadour Hairstyles

The word Pompadour is a very generic term which is used to describe mens hair styles which include the hair being pushed or brushed

World Cup Haircuts

World Cup is coming and we decided to choose most popular football players with best hairstyles. Here is a couple players that will mark

Justin Bieber Hairstyle

According to The New York Times today’s 13-year-old boys willing to pay up to $175 for a haircut like Justin Bieber. Girls seem to

Most Popular Men Haircuts of All Times

Since creation it has been drilled into us that a woman is known by her crowning glory – her hair. And it has always

90s Men Hairstyle

Unlike in eighties, men had more freedom in nineties to choose their own hairstyle. They selected their hair styles according to the length of

Flat Top Hair Style

The flat top hair style which is also called a high and tight haircut or referred to as a crew cut is a clean

The Caesar Haircut

The Caesar hairstyle was named after Julius Caesar himself who was the emperor of Rome. He wore short bangs forward in a similar way