Myths of Haircuts

Myths of Haircuts (1)

There are various myths that surround hair, in this article I will “de-myth” the majority of them!

Myth: If you shaved your head your hair will grow back differently.

Your hair is not ‘alive’ therefore whatever happens to the hair on your head, the follicle will not ‘know’. Therefore your hair will grow back exactly as it did before!

Myth: The more you shave the faster the hair will grow.

Again since the hair is not “living” it doesn’t know it has been cut and so it will simply re-grow at the rate it did before. The biggest influence on how fast or thick the hair is, is your age. Generally as you get older your facial hair will be thicker and grow faster.

Myth: If you pluck hairs more will grow back in their place.

Again reading the two above myths should prove that your hair is going to grow back exactly as it did before – there will be no difference.

Myth: Wearing tight hats causes you to go bald.

A complete myth! The hat would have to be so tight that it cut off the blood supply to your head!

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