Most Popular Men Haircuts of All Times

Most Popular Men Haircuts of All Times (9)

Since creation it has been drilled into us that a woman is known by her crowning glory – her hair. And it has always been a matter of pride for women to sport the latest style around town.

In this age of equality and standing up for oneself, we believe that it is about time men came out of the little closets they have been hiding in. No more is it all about women. We men love to experiment too. We follow the latest trends, flaunt our style, and yes, we get the coolest haircuts.

Haircuts for men have spanned extreme shaved styles to the afro halos. But a few have always stayed fashionable. They have made a mark, and you can never go wrong with them, no matter who you are, where you are. These are the styles that proclaim loud and clear that you are definitely a guy who is in.

The Mullet – The traditional mullet sports a very short front and side cut with a long back section that hangs down to the shoulders. With a different perspective of you from each angle, this is a sure way to get noticed.

The Afro – It is a style that can never be beaten out. It emerged during the 60’s with the advent of soul music and has stayed in all through. ‘The bigger, the better’ is the chant for this one.

The Mohawk – A traditional Mohawk sports a completely shaved head with just one center strip of hair that extends from the front of the head down to the nape of the neck in an arch. The head is either shaved with razor blades or a clipper with no guard comb to achieve the desired look.

The Crew cut – A crew cut is one all-timer that will be in as long as there will be men on earth. Tapered at the back and sides with may be up to one inch on top, it is the most preferred hair cut for all military and defense personnel.

The Buzz cut – With very short hair in the sides and longer on the top of the head, this hairstyle screams modern and also keeps you looking cool. A buzz cut may typically range from 1/4 of an inch down to complete stubble that is cut without a guard on the clippers.

The Caesar Cut – The Caesar cut sports hair layered to around 1 to 2 inches all over, with bangs brushed forward and textured for an irreverent image. The textured look might need a bit of wax or styling gel.

The Faux Hawk – It is a mock version of a full Mohawk. Unlike a full-blown Mohawk, it has a strip of hair that snakes down the center of the head and is sculpted into a stiff center spike with pomades, gels or waxes. The sides are cut close, with about 1/4 to 1/2 inches of hair remaining. Depending on the natural texture of the hair, the center strip is worn lightly spiked or densely curled.

It isn’t about your age or job anymore. It isn’t about how much hair you have left, or whether your hair is still black. It is about being who you really are. Grey or black, bald or full crown – it is all you. So go out today, and get the cut that tells the whole world who you really are.

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