How To Treat Dry Hairs

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You will always look unhealthy and unkempt any single time you have dry hair. The dry and brittle hair often lacks luster and always looks unpleasant. Very many people with hair breakages will always complain about excessive breakages and flyways as well. This can prove to be very unruly and embarrassing at times. Other than making one feel uncomfortable, these hairs also make it very impossible to achieve a sleek and sophisticated hairstyle. due to this reason it is very imperative for people suffering from this problem to enact a treatment to hydrate the hair so that it can become soft healthy and shiny as well. This will also make it more manageable. You can achieve more resilient hair by following these simple tips.

Avoid high heat levels on your hair. Although using hair styling tools such as curling irons may make your hair more appealing, it is advisable of you to check the amount of time you expose your hair to these high heating tools. Hot rollers and blow driers have been the main reason why most women experience dry hair since they rob your hair its natural moisture.

It always advisable of you to cover your hair more often incase you are always exposed to direct sunlight. Reducing the time and periods your hair is exposed to direct sunlight can be helpful since it will reduce amount of moisture lost to the sun’s heat. A hat, an umbrella or a turban can come in handy when it comes to protecting your hair from exposure to the sun.

Always use warm or cool water when washing your hair. If by any chance you use hot water, you will be stripping your hair essential oil that makes it look shinier and smooth. Cool water on the other hand locks in moisture and gives your hair an extra shine.

Ensure that you always brush hair thoroughly and when dressing it, part it equally in the middle so that each side has equal amount of hair. This is to ensure you remove any knots or tangled up hair as well as ensuring you air it evenly. This will make it look and feel tender as compared to poorly dressed hair.

You can add lavender, sandalwood and bay oils to warm soy oil or flaxseed oil. Blend the mixture together and apply gently on the hair. Make sure that the oils are well combined before running them through each and every part of your hair.

Also, you can apply heated conditioning treatment at the edges of your hair up all the way to the hair shaft but avoid doing this to the hair roots. Also rinse you hair with shampoo twice a week. It is not a must you apply conditioner after rinsing. Ensure that your diet is rich in omega 3 foods since they strengthen and soften the hair. This is because they are rich in fatty foods which come in handy in eliminating dry hairs. Other than that you can cook food using flaxseed oil or you can take omega 3 supplements daily.

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