How to Accept Hair Loss

How to Accept Hair Loss

If you are suffering from hair loss, it is a normal sign of aging, and this is something which we should accept, rather than rebel against it. The media aids and abets people in this rebellion, with the display of its tabloids and numerous magazines, on every supermarket as well as the discount store check-out shelf, which is embellished with bright pictures of superstars who have most probably resorted to the use of plastic surgery to maintain their appearance which belies their real age. It is on rare occasions that we see pictures of men who are balding, or who have lost their hair, as this is not considered as an integral aspect of the marketing strategy of the companies which endorse hair growth.

It is a proven fact that not all men lose their hair, which is probably the reason why losing hair is a serious problem for many men. In a similar manner, it is equally difficult for women to accept their hair loss, and this is more so if the hair loss is initiated at an early age. However with the onset of age, most women ultimately end up with gray hair and a majority of men lose a substantial amount of hair. This brings us to an important query as to how we can adequately deal with the problems which are associated with hair loss, be it at an early or a later age.

There are certain ways which could aid you in coming to terms with hair loss:

v Always avoid looking at the glossy and fake tabloids which are available at the nearest supermarket. Do not go by what the movie stars endorse, remember that most of the movie stars have a mane of thick hair, and even the good-looking actors who have less hair, resort to the use of fake hair-pieces to conceal their lack of hair.

v It would be worthwhile if you could share your sorrows, related with hair loss with a trusted family friend, or someone you are close to. This is aggravated by feelings of insecurity as men feel that the women in their life would not find them attractive anymore if they start losing their hair. However, if you are true to yourself, remember that such inconsequential things really do not matter to a woman.

v Acknowledge the fact that “Bald is beautiful!” as this is a new age mantra.

v Always remember that even if you have less hair, but are suitably charming, self-confident, the world will be at your feet. If you are a self-assured person, you can be satisfied that lack of hair would not be an impediment.

v If you still feel inadequate concerning your hair loss, it is advisable to seek the services of a suitable counselor or doctor. A doctor would be able to suggest probable options for surgically re-growing your hair; however you must remember that if you regrow your hair, this would necessitate regular maintenance and this process has to be repeated numerous times.

There are many people who have resorted to artificial means for regrowing their hair; however the end effect is not quite the same. Just remember that it is important that you should accept yourself just the way you are as this is the way you were created and this was probably done, for a particular reason. Acceptances are an integral part of life, and if you accept your hair loss, remember that half the battle is won. So, just be your natural self and be confident and you are ready to face the world, with a thick mane of hair, or without it.

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