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Even from ancient times, people used to cut their hair short, especially in hot areas of the globe. Royalties were commonly seen using wigs at special events, but this only happened in certain nations. Even so, long hair was not uncommon in males, even a few thousand years ago. Complicated male hairstyles were used by those who were part of certain religious groups, warrior tribes or the upper class of society. Big and impressive hair was also popular in the 18th century. Here, both men and women used elaborate wigs which were very difficult to create. The most common material was horse hair. Everyone knew that having long hair or a complex hairstyle is difficult and this meant that only those who were rich were able to keep their hair long. Because of this, long hair, in both males and females was always considered the proof of high social status. After the 18th century, men started to cut their hair short and facial hair started to grow in popularity.

Male hairstyles started to diversify back in the early 1950’s and the process continues to this day. Trends are always set by celebrities who usually have the courage to think out of the box, but there are certain looks which appear out of nowhere. In the 1990’s the bald trend appeared and completely shaved heads started to gain popularity. In the later years of this decade, some companies started to develop new products for male hair care and this immediately triggered the appearance of new men haircut styles.

Nowadays, men have a variety of options to choose from, depending on their looks and personality. If you want to be outrageous, you can easily go for the afro of the 70’s; if you want to keep it simple you can cut your hair short and if you want something in between, there are numerous styles which you might be interested in. It all depends on the length and texture of your hair and exactly how do you want to look like. In some cases, you might need to get a special haircut because of a certain event which requires elegance and this can easily be done if your hair allows it.

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