Hair Loss in Men

Hair Loss in Men

50-100 strands of hair loss per day is still considered normal. However, severe hair loss can lead to baldness. If the hair loss does not get to the roots of hair follicles can grow back, but if the loss until the roots can occur wounds and damage hair follicles so that hair cannot grow again.

Hair loss is not occur only women but can also occur in men. Hair loss that occurs in men may be associated with androgen level in their body and age. Hair loss can also be caused by a reaction to medication, severe anemia, or infection of bacteria and fungi (dandruff). Hair loss can be caused by injury to the physical and chemical trauma.

Hair loss is really stressful. Who does not panic when seeing many strands of hair left on the side than usual? Hair loss can also be caused by cell division when we reach the age of 30 began to slow down hair growth, hair growth besides the shorter period and rest period became longer.

Some follicles also become inactive. Thus, at the age of 50 the number of active follicles in the scalp will reduce into half of the previous number. Hair color also plays an important role. The brighter the color of your hair, the greater the risk of hair loss you have.

Stress becomes major factor in hair loss due to stress triggers the production of the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for “pattern baldness” in men. Tension, especially in the neck and shoulders will inhibit reduction of circulating blood to the scalp and follicles will become weak and lack of food.

With the current strict diet, disease, or in medical treatment such as chemotherapy, and radiotherapy can cause hair loss.

Baldness in men is a progressive loss of scalp hair on the forehead hairline and on the crown of the head. Hair loss happens to men, sometimes making some of them become insecure and in some men may feel uncomfortable with having hair that is balding with a variety of reasons.

However, most of the other men may assume hair loss as a serious problem. Personal appearance is not perfect. Here are some of the causes of hair loss in men:

1 . The wrong diet

If you often cunsume fast food, you will get lots of salt and some unhealthy things inside your body so the body loses a lot of protein, iron and other nutrients and nutrition will also affect the cause of hair loss.

2 . Heredity

Heredity also plays a role in hair loss. Hair loss happens sometimes men are also caused by hereditary factors that may be scaled in one of the genes the parents (father or mother).

3 . Stress

Stress is also often lead to hair loss. Forced prolonged stress hormones in the body including the head of hormones cause tension and make the hair roots become brittle and causes hair loss.

4 . Disorders presence of a disease

Several kinds of diseases can also cause hair loss such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and cancer.

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