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Facial Hair Styles (2)

What is it that you want people to perceive you as. Do you prefer the cool chocolate boy look or do you wish to look like someone out of an Marlboro ad. Well, how you see yourself and how you want other people especially the women you are interested in to perceive you decides how you should style your facial hair. If you want to keep in simple you should indeed go in for a clean shaven look, nothing can beat that. But if you want to keep stylish you should take a look at the trends that are doing the rounds. However make sure that you have an idea of your face structure, once you do you can make a pick that will drive the women wild.

It is going to be a little difficult to emulate your favorite stars on television and the big screen. However you can get close if you follow the guide given below, understand your face structure and design a look with the help of a really sharp razor. You do not have the luxury to get a stylist to give you a grand look every time you leave home for a day at the office or a night out with your favorite girlfriend. However you can learn how to do it yourself.

Let’s start with understanding of face structures and then move on to what you should style your facial hair like. There are five basic face structures when it comes to men, they are: square, round, rectangular, triangular and diamond shaped.

Square shaped face: If you have a square shaped face you need to work on a look that helps give your face a more slender appeal. You can do this by keeping a beard that is spread all across the face but is not long. A really close shave to a beard that has been allowed to grow out for a couple days will help you get that look. Keep it simple, ideally ask your local barber to trim it and style it in areas around the mouth and you should have no trouble keeping it stylish.

Round shaped face: The first thing people with round faces should avoid is keeping long side burns. The emphasis for people with round faces should be on making their faces look oval. You should ideally keep the hair on your head short and go in for a circle beard. It looks very stylish and also highlights the features on your face.

Rectangular shaped face: Again the emphasis for people who have a rectangular face is to make it look more oval. Ideally one can achieve this is by sporting a scruffy look. This will also help in hiding features of the face that you are not comfortable with.

Triangular shaped face: Most men who have triangular faces have long chins. One should work towards hiding this conspicuous feature by wearing a relatively large beard.

Diamond shaped face: People with this type of facial structure again need to work on covering their overly prominent chin and get a more masculine look. This can be achieved by keeping long side burns and a relatively heavy beard.

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