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Although not too common, some men also so wanted to feel what it’s like to have long hair. Some of them follow the trend of the long-haired man said that it was more macho. Or is it seemed feminine because the hair covering the jaw and make the person look more refined. Basically it is completely back to your own personal taste of hairstyle.

In the other hand, men want to be fast-paced and practical to do many things, including the hair care. So, the following tips could be a guide for you to care for long hair in men:

1. Wash your hair routinely
Be aware that a man was likely to sweat more easily than women. Their hair becomes oily and smelly after a day of activities. It is therefore important to have a regular schedule for washing your hair, and do not forget to choose the right product. Choose the suitable shampoo that will help you get a healthy scalp, clean and fragrant all day in the cold, refreshing sensation as well as keep you from dandruff.

2. Tie your hair to make it neater
Especially for the workers, where some of your colleagues may dislike long hair in men, it’s good to always tie up your hair so you do not disturb your activities with a little styling hair that fell in the face. Use fastener tools are free and do not tie too tight.

3. Never rub wet hair
Because want to be quick, most men choose to rub the hair tight after washing it. Though it is not enough to help the hair become dry quickly, it even gives hair too much friction and pressure so the hair will easily tangled. So, do use a towel drying naturally once the hair no longer dripping water.

4. Not too often make use of chemical treatments
Basically the long hair is fragile and easily broken. Meanwhile, when men hair was exposed to the chemicals those are too harsh then the hair will become dry and damaged. For that you should do just that chemical treatments sufficiently, give your hair time to rest from those chemical exposures.

5. Use conditioner routinely
In addition to washing the hair with shampoo regularly, complete your haircare by using conditioner. Unlike shampoos that only serves to cleanse the hair, hair conditioner product would keep the softness and moisture level of the hair. You may also add a hair serum to get you hair color shines on every strand.

6. Discover the appropriate hairstyle
Because we as men want everything that is cool but still neat and practical, your hair must also get a simple haircut and suitable to your face shape. Unproper hairstyle can make the hair so unruly.

In the end, caring for long hair was not as difficult as most people thought, but also do not underestimate it. As long as you put diligent attention to the health of your hair and perform routine maintenance, whatever model you want for your hair should be easy to come by without a problem. Good luck!

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