Buzz Cut Hairstyles for Men

Buzz Cut Hairstyles for Men

The Buzz cut is the latest buzz of the town. A trendy, all time hair style, the cut boasts closely cut sides and a top that is either shaped or cut to the same short length all over. Taking just a few minutes to perform, a buzz cut can make the face look more defined and is popular among men and women who want a short, low-maintenance hairstyle.

The buzz cut is here to stay. No matter what the latest style trend is, you are bound to see the buzz cut everywhere. Are you wondering why this cut is creating such a buzz? We will tell you. The buzz cut is a great opportunity for a man to get a whole new and different look that defines him. It is also a perfect way to start off the summer, cool and trendy.

You really cannot ask for an easier hairstyle to maintain – The buzz cut is virtually maintenance free. You can literally dry your hair with a towel in mere seconds. You don’t need any fussing with gels, sprays and yes, not even blow dryers. The best part is that you can completely stop worrying about bad hair days. With a buzz cut you always know what to expect. What more can you ask for? It is the perfect hairstyle for all the busy young men, who couldn’t care less for elaborate waves and curls.

The buzz cut gets its name from the sound that the clippers make while the hair is being cut. Though you might not believe it, the buzz cut does come in different lengths. Having a buzz cut does not mean forgetting style. There are loads of options to choose from. Some people prefer to have only the sides of their hair buzzed, while leaving more hair on top of the head for styling. This allows for many different looks depending on whether the hair is straight, curly, thick or thin.

A flat top is just like the buzz cut, with the exception that the hair on the top of the head is not cut short, but is deliberately styled to stand up. The longest part of the hair in the flattop cut is the front, being one to two inches in height. It is cut to be flat, leaving you with a haircut that is square in shape.

The buzz cut was a fashionable unisex hairstyle in the late 20th century. In the 1990s Kevin Costner, George Michael and David Mamet pioneered a uniform buzz as opposed to the traditional flattop.

A buzz cut may be the only style option left for those suffering from hair loss when chemotherapy is administered. The hair still falls out but the effect is greatly reduced and so is less traumatic.

It seems that in today’s times of heightened military awareness, the buzz cut has become incredibly popular. Obviously, for those in the service this is out of compulsion. However, most people prefer it because of how much simpler this haircut is to maintain. Not to mention the sexy clean cut look.

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