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All about Blonde Hair (1)

Have you realize that there are so many different hair tone in human races. that colors come from the genetic code inheritted by each races. while aryan’s, scandinavian’s, irish’s vein identic with blonde, brunette, even ginger hair, asian is black hair.

Now we will dig about trending blonde hair. Please note that we are not talking about racism or discrimination to particular race. The fact is in society, person which is equipped with blonde hair and blue eyes are categorized as attractive. even beauty is lied on eye of beholder but honestly have you ever wanted Paul walker ‘s blonde hair tone, which is statically so hot based on woman eyes. Another good example of blonde hair celeb is Zac Efron, alexander Skargard with his brassy dirty blonde hair which also come out as top hot actor list.

Blonde hair is also has its variation. there are 3 dense level of blonde color, dark blonde, medium blonde and light blonde. Dark blonde is also called dirty blonde, the color is spesific for having brassy on roots or ends or in between hair. Medium is darker than light blonde. while light blonde is near to ash blonde. light blonde is also known close to platinum or white color. Take this as examples, Niall Horan (One Drection Personel) has medium blonde, Chrish Hemsworth on Thor is dark blonde but close too brassy look (because he dye his brunette-hair blonde), and Tom Felton on Harry Potter has light blonde.

Nowadays even male and female loves to do advance their blonde hair, they do some upgrading for their blonde look. they do subtle highlight, adding golden hue, golden ends, golden roots, brassy roots, sunny shades and many other. that looks are just perfect for summer time like today. the athmospere of summer is just close to blonde haired person.

A lot of celebrity with a blonde hair are having good appearance and becoming worth to follow, like Keysa with her dirty disco blonde hair, and Niall Horan with his messy blonde. despite all what public say about blonde which is near to dumbness but still the one with blonde will have a hot-looking appearance and somewhat capable.

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